Am I really that mean?

I know that life can’t always be peachy, but some days are just too much. I know that we all have our problems and that sometimes some seem worse than others.  I am someone that always tries to see the cup as half full.  But it’s just horrible when I get called the meanest mom ever.

I tell you whoever said kids suck the life out of you, wasn’t kidding. That’s exactly what they do! They take your life and money in a blink of an eye. Lol

Today for example after Aaron got through telling me I was a horrible mother because I wouldn’t spend another penny on another video game for him, Diego was mad at me because I made him sit and eat a healthy meal before he could play with his friend. I’m so mean right?

Honestly I don’t remember ever saying a mean thing to my mom. I do remember being disappointed because I didn’t get something I wanted. And I remember being mad because I couldn’t have the sneakers that all my friends had. But no matter how mad I was, I never talked to my mother the way my kids talk to me. I was brought up knowing that you shouldn’t ask for anything, unless you were asked if there was something you wanted.  You took what you were given and you were grateful about it.   Sometimes I ask myself what I did to create this. Even though I can’t answer that, what I’m sure of is that I’m the meanest mom in the world’s because I don’t always give them what they want.

Recently, I have been slapped in the face with the reality of job hunting. It is clearly a world of who you know, not what you know. In the last two months I’ve applied to almost 60 jobs. No one has responded. I am very discouraged. So yes, I do have to remind myself that things could be worse, a lot worse. So even though I’m mean because I’m trying to make my kids appreciate what they already have. I’m reminded daily that with a little hope, patience, and luck things always work out. I guess some times we just have to go through hell to get to happiness.

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