My clown.

My life would definitely be duller if I didn’t have Aaron. I feel like he’s the only one I write about, and I hope that one day Diego & Matias will read my blog and understand that it’s not that I love him more than them. It’s because he’s the one that cracks me up all the time! I love my 3 angels equally and I show them that. But how could I not share the funny things that come out of Aaron’s mouth.  For example, today I was reading a blog that I absolutely love called “Brittany, herself” it is hilarious! I tell you her blog always makes me cross my legs trying not to pee. Which is weird since I always go to the bathroom before reading her blog so this won’t happen. Anyway there I was reading and laughing so hard while crossing my legs that Aaron comes over and the conversation goes like this:
A:  Why are you laughing so hard?
M: I’m reading a really funny blog.
A: What does it say?
M: I can’t tell you hun, it’s a joke for adults.
A: That’s not fair, you shouldn’t be reading things for adults!
M: Really, says who?
A: Says your mother.

At that point all I could do was laugh.

A: Can you tell Diego the joke? Then he can tell me.
M: No, Diego is not an adult.
A: When will he be an adult?
M: Ummm at 21.
A: What about 18?
M: He will still be a teenager at 18.
A: Mom, what’s a teenager?
M: a teenager is between 13-19. They are not little kids, but they are not adults yet either.
A: Oooh so that’s why they’re weird. You knowmom, when you have to go to the bathroom you need to stop what you’re doing and go.

And then left the room, left me laughing because that’s exactly what I always tell them. Since they never stop playing to go until they can’t hold it anymore.
Oh how I wish they never grew up. I hope he never changes the way he sees life, he’ll say things quite literally which is why I think they are so funny. For example this afternoon, on our way to the library, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for cold drinks. And the young man who helped us at the drive thru had earrings that make holes in the ear lobe. Gauges I believe their called. Anyway so doesn’t Aaron poke his head thru the driver’s seat and the window and say hi. (That’s not the funny part) after we drove away he asks me: Why was he wearing earrings? Does he know he is a boy? Why are the earrings for boys ugly like that, making such a big hole in your ear. Well I’m not going to wear that. If only I would’ve recorded that last part, to play back to him should he ever decide to get piercings. Hahaha.

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  1. Live Jasmine

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

    1. Silvie

      Thank you! Have a great weekend 🙂


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